The frustration of being inconsequential

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Starting something new always fills me with excitement, but I've noticed that my frustration often sets in because I can't help but compare myself to top talent in the field, which is usually the reason I became interested in the first place.

Dreaming big will take us places but we have to be careful not to get frustrated along the way.

During our educational period, or at least in my case, the need to stand out was practically off. Only proving to myself (and maybe others) that I was able to finish my studies in high school, at university was already more than enough.

This way, I was able to not only the results of my achievements but also the path and the journey of making it possible.

That is the main reason why every time I look back to my college times, regardless of the lack of responsibilities, it always brings good memories in general.

Entering the adult world

It was all good until the work also called the adult journey began.

Even though I have tried, to set my mindset to enjoy the journey, the laddering and job hopping weren’t always easy.

My ambition was the one leading me to find new challenges to keep me entertained, since for my brain having a job that is chill didn't seem like an enjoyable opportunity. No matter how hard I tried, I needed the “chaos” to feel alive.

Please note that I use chaos as a reference for a dynamic environment, and it shouldn't be misinterpreted as a stressful environment because that is not healthy in any regard.

Coming back to work objectives, is retirement the end goal? I wish it was for me, but I don’t see myself retiring at least for the time being, I will always find something to keep myself “busy” whether I can consider it work or not.

Feeling like an exchangeable piece

Working on something to make an impact in what I thought was important or meaningful. It became a part of me as soon I entered the professional world.

As we are just passing through life, we are by nature replaceable pieces of a big puzzle. So feeling important during our stay, or leaving a mark was what for me did the trick over the years.

Keeping friends from past work experiences or people remembering me as a good colleague to work with (both professionally and from a human standpoint) was more than enough.

And that was finally the time I was able to reflect on my university times where I was enjoying the path and not only running towards the end of the tunnel. I must admit that It wasn’t only my introspection, having professional help also contributed to connecting all the dots.

Unblocking people, coaching, and celebrating small milestones or similar activities became more enjoyable than before.

Enjoy the journey

It's a common pitfall to get caught up in the final destination and forget to appreciate the experiences along the way.

Taking the time to savor the small moments can lead to greater happiness and life satisfaction. It can also reduce stress and improve mental health, or so it did for me.

Although having something to look for will guide me, setting goals is like being on a never-ending journey. From my own experience, I've found that the more I focus on the journey itself, the greater the sense of satisfaction and peace of mind I feel.

The analogy I always use to emphasize this idea is the idea of owning a house. I still have that on the radar but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't decorate the apartments I have been renting in places that would have been impossible to buy.

Goals, objectives, and ambitions will provide a direction to follow, like a north star guiding us through. However, I believe that it's equally important to focus on the experiences that come with pursuing those goals.

By focusing on the journey and accepting the inevitable fluctuations and frustrations, I'm able to maintain a sense of fulfillment regardless of whether or not I achieve my desired outcome.

It's important to recognize that goals may change over time, which can be a natural and positive aspect of personal growth. While it can be challenging to maintain motivation in the face of constantly evolving objectives, a healthy level of ambition can help us continue to strive towards new goals and experiences.

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I am a product-driven JavaScript developer, passionate about sharing experiences in the IT world, from a human-centric perspective.

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